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PostSubject: Reiki   Thu Jul 07, 2011 3:28 pm

Reiki and IIH

I know I have felt a lot better since I started using Reiki, so I thought I'd share. My practitioner has been using Reiki w/ cancer patients at a local hospital and getting really good results..even published a paper on the subject. It's energy work so a little like hoo doo to me, but I don't have to understand it to know that I feel all warm and fuzzy for several days after each treatment. It's not a cure, but it does seem to improve my mood and help me manage the daily pain. I wasn't really sure how to describe it, so I got the following informationfrom the American Cancer Society website..hope it's helpful!

Reiki is said to promote relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, and increase a person's general sense of well-being. The Reiki practitioner delivers the therapy through his or her hands, with the goal of raising the amount of universal life energy (called qi, ch'i, or ki) in and around the client. Reiki supporters claim that when the energy paths of the body are blocked or disturbed, the result can be illness, weakness, and pain. Reiki practitioners intend to strengthen the flow of energy, which they say will decrease pain, ease muscle tension, speed healing, improve sleep, and generally enhance the body's ability to heal itself.

During a Reiki session, the practitioner places his or her hands in 12 to 15 positions on or above parts of the patient's clothed body. The hands are intended to be a conduit for universal life energy, balancing energy within and around the body. The hands are held in place for approximately 2 to 5 minutes in each position. A Reiki session usually lasts about an hour. Some practitioners say that they achieve the best results when patients have 3 Reiki sessions within a relatively short time, take a break, and then repeat the process.

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PostSubject: Re: Reiki   Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:23 pm

From Vanessa Brooks - Facebook

just thought i'd say i've been trying reiki alongside my diamox , i find it wonderful i'm sooo relaxed it's unbelievable and it has brought me some relief for my head and tightness in my neck and shoulders altough it is most definately NOT a cure i belive it helps and yes i understand it's not for everyone but as it's not a chemical you put in your body why not give it a try???? it's like a retune of your body's natural rhythm so i'm hoping it will help with the pressure flow (and maybe my memory lol ) i wondered if anyone else had tried this or a another complimentry therapy???
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