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 Getting Ne Doctors :(

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PostSubject: Getting Ne Doctors :(   Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:23 pm

So since I was diagnosed I have had the same doctors. My wonderful primary physician who is the most caring, compassionate and understanding doctor I have ever know. She would cry before I would, she comforted me and provided me with amazing care. She cried when she found out I didn't have insurance, this woman has been a guardian angel for me. My Neurologist is Amazing, ABSOLUTLY pain free spinal taps, listens and talks you through everything, helped me figure out were I could go to get care that I could get help paying for. He can't believe all I have been through since my diagnoses and that I worked through the majority of it. He believes the next step I need is the shunt, and he has been caring for me since the begining so I believe he should know best. He also took my bill with him that was over $3000 and dropped it down to $320!!!! Truly AMAZING. I am ever so grateful for him for doing that, I didn't even ask I only found out one day when I relieved a bill with a post it note on saying what he had done for me.

So my husband was laid off and I was being a stay at home mom at the time, I'm a caregiver so I knew it ould be easy for me to get a job. So I worked and me husband stayed home. So I got a job in June of 2009 and worked my but off even when I was diagnosed inn April of 2011, except for 2 1/2 months where I was first diagnosed and bedridden from IIH. It was becoming more and more difficult for me to work and finally made the decision at the end of April to put my notice in even though my husband did not have a job, because it was getting unsafe for my residents as well as myself to continue to work. Well a week in to my two weeks my husband got a job but it was 5 hours away so we moved and I still planned to keep my drs even though I was so far away. What a blessing though.

It worked in the begining but is now to hard and soon as probably the middle to end of next month the passes on the highway will be covered with so and will be very unsafe to drive so I made the decision to get some drs over her becauseof it.

I met with my new Primary Dr yesterday and wasn't sure if I liked him or not, I liked the fact that it is just him and one nurse though. He didn't ask me anything to do with my IIH which I thought was very odd, he didn't ask me about any symptoms I'm having. I had to pee in a cup the test was for Chronic Pain Drug Screen and sign a paper that had a bunch of rules about where I get my medication and what not, I thought it was weird cause I have never herd of it but he said it was the law but I never had to sign thwt with my other drs. So I hope they don't get I trouble for that. So I left there a little uneasy, not knowing if I was gonna like him or not. In my opinion I think he should've questioned me more about my symptoms and my daily struggles. I don't see him again till January, unless something comes up in mpthe mean time. Is I will not be able to see my new Neurologist till the end of November, I really needed to be seen soon but I guess I will take what I can get. Hopefully my neurologist questions more about how I am doing.

I go see my Neuro-Opthamologist on Tuesday hopefully he has a better plan for me and will listen to what I have to say as well as answer any questions I may have.

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PostSubject: Re: Getting Ne Doctors :(   Wed Oct 03, 2012 5:23 pm

Ugh. It sounds like the classic paperwork they make you sign when you are at a pain clinic. All those docs do is prescribe pain meds, give epidurals and ask you if you need anything. I am not so sure you are at the right place. I think you may need to do some more digging. Your need a doc that will concentrate on your primary disease, the iIH, and not just treat you for pain symptoms. Ask the other docs for a referral if after you see them you like them. The Neuro-Ophth should be a good source. Since he gets referrals, he knows the docs from where these patients come from. Have a list of what you are looking for in a good GP and maybe he/she can match you up.

I hope the move works out well for you. And, I understand the snow flying in Washington. Beautiful country but not a pleasant place to drive in (are you ear Snoqualamie?)

Keeping fingers crossed
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PostSubject: Re: Getting Ne Doctors :(   Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:04 pm

I agree w/ Linda, it sounds like a pain clinic..that's very different from a primary care or general practitioner. If your new doctors won't give you a referral, maybe your former PCP would know someone in the area. It's so hard to leave a good practice, but I understand..I had to do the same thing several years ago. My doctor had saved my life, but I moved hours away and couldn't keep driving back to see him. It's hard, but I'd suggest you keep looking until you find someone that at least seems to know what's happening. I mean there's always paperwork, but initial appointment usually involves gathering history and making sure you're stable.

Hang in there!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Getting Ne Doctors :(   

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Getting Ne Doctors :(

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