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 Back to Work Update

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PostSubject: Back to Work Update   Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:21 am

Well I am now starting my third week of my phased return to work after nearly 5 months off. I have managed ok ok I have found it very difficult and had a bit of a blip last week because I just felt as though I couldn't do anything my brain would just not function properly it felt like I was on a different planet. I also felt like this trying to help my nine year old do some English homework I couldn't even think of some of he easiest words to describe something. This really got me down as English is something I have always been good at. I really felt quite down and thought am I always goingvto feel so stupid and spaced out. Work were great about this blip and said I was doing great and not to set my expectations too High they were just glad I was back and I realised that I need to take it steady I am also now on 100mg of tourist which probably isn't helping although not doing badly on that I am coping really well.

I have also had an appointment with my Opthamologist and have been told that my there has been an improvement in my field vision test from last time and the swelling of my optic discs have improved slightly which I was really pleased about very emotional in fact. It has been a very emotional few months. I am to keep taking tables on current dosage and don't need to be seen until after Christmas.So again am feeling quite positive.

I do have one question though. Friday night my husband noticed that the muscles underneath my eyes were twitching They are not causing me any discomfort but it has not stopped although it is not as noticeable. I was wondering if this happens to anyone else. It has only happened since I had the tests st the hospital and have started back at work so was wondering if my eyes have got a bit stressed
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PostSubject: Re: Back to Work Update   Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:20 pm

Even w/ the occasional "blip" it sounds like amazing progress Lizzie..hang in there!!! I do have episodes of my eyes twitching..most of the time I think they're just tired, but I'd follow up w/ your doctor if it concerns you or gets any worse. One thing I've found that helps is an eye pillow. I can't remember what's in it, but it's just the right pressure and actually takes pressure off of my eyes..it's heavier than feathers, but lighter than rice. Hot and cold packs can help too..just don't keep them on for long periods of time.

I definitely have times when I can't put two thoughts together and my synapses just don't seem to connect, so I also understand that frustration. It gets worse for me as my pain gets worse, but much better when my shunt is working. I think you just have to rest and work w/ treatment options until you find the right combo. Remember some meds can cause the fog too. You may want to keep a symptom log to help clarify the cause.

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Back to Work Update

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