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PostSubject: headaches   Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:27 am

Hi I am new to the site was diagnosised on Tuesday I ad my first successful lp after three attempts in last month.
but I have a question regarding the headaches. I had headaches get being a child always on the leftside of my head over the years i have been back and forth to gp was told they were migerines. Given something called paramax and it works wonders. But when the neuro started talking to me about my headaches and stuff I thought hang on a minute they ain't that bad I have never had no where even sitting you p makes the room spin or anything I always coped well with my headaches. But then I remembered something I have a high pain tolerance I asked the neuro if this is made the reason has to why my headaches wasn't has bad has others he said yes that my body most of found it's way to cope and protect itself from pain and I have admit it made sense my body is weird I have something called over healing where if I cut myself my body over heals the cut leaving a nasty lump of skin and scar in it's place.

I was wondering if anyone else has a high pain tolerance and how it affects them?
Do u think it's a good think that I can't feel the pain cause how on enough am I went know if my pressure goes up again? Has it's my eyes I am worried about?
if I have had IIH for years now which it seems like why did no other doctor pick up on it?

Sorry if I have made loads of spelling mistakes my head ain't with it at the moment.

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PostSubject: Re: headaches   Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:31 pm

Oh Emma, be grateful that you have a high tolerance!!

I, too, have a high threshold for pain. It does make it more difficult, because something has to get to the point of being really, really bad in order for us to complain! :roll:

IIH is often diagnosed when nothing else fits the symptoms. It is considered rare, and not the disease most docs think of when we present with our symptoms. Having a brain tumour is more common.

It may just be that you will need to pay close attention to your eye sight to determine when your pressure is going back up. Eye tests do not need to be done so frequently. Now that you know what to look for, and as you learn more about IIH, you will be able to tell when your symptoms are getting worse and it is time to be seen by a neurologist. Keep a log of your symptoms, which may also help you and your docs as you go along. Heidi has provided us with lots of great info on this site, including some pages and pamphlets that are so helpful, like the logs and how to talk to your family about iih.

I hope your good luck continues and you will be spared the nasty headaches that are so common with iih!
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PostSubject: Re: headaches   Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:08 pm

Dear Emma;
my pressure is not super high and I do not have papilledema, and I do have headaches but they have not been horrible for the most part. occasionally but not usually. I have realized in all this that I am quite stoic and can tolerate a lot. I have learned to function despite my limitations. the biggest problem for me is brain fog, which is disabling. actually, when the brain fog came on in earnest I had noticed that my headaches were less frequent, go figure. but I had terrible nausea during that time. so, we are all a little different and I don't know that it means something specific about your IIH if you have a high pain tolerance.
the fact that other docs did not pick up on your IIH is simply a reflection of the poor quality of medicine out there and poor awareness of this disease. I am grateful someone finally figured it out! I had to do that for myself.
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PostSubject: Re: headaches   

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