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 medical exemption certificates UK

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PostSubject: medical exemption certificates UK   Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:45 am

Can I have a medical exemption certificate for IIH?

well..much to my suprise today i have been informed that i am not actually entitled to one of these as iih patients arent recognised by the NHS as sufficiant enough cases to warrent free medication..personally i think this is utterly rediculous as these are pills that many like me will be on for the rest of our lives!! and have to pay for the priviallage!!

what on earth has this country come to when a person who has no choice but to take these pills in order to lead a somewhat normal day to day life has to pay for them?! now i know i may seem slightly bitter but there is a list of conditions that the NHS will waver the costs of the medication for..how on earth do they pick and choose who is 'ill enough' to recieve help and who isnt?!

through personal experiance in recent times i have encountered several members of the NHS staff who litterally have no idea what im talking about when i say IIH to them! one of which sent me to eurology clinic when i asked for neurology! i really am utterly appaulled at the lack of knowledge about this condition that is out there with some people :(

has anyone else been in this possition??? fingers crossed
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PostSubject: Re: medical exemption certificates UK   Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:58 pm

Unfortunately Jenn you will find that most of us in the same position as you find yourself in. If I were to add up the cost of the medication I've had for IIH for the past 22 years, I would probably find it would be astounding, not to mention the added medications for pain.

As an ex NHS employee I've learned that it all comes down to budgets, postcodes, politics and government policies. This sadly is the cornerstone on which the NHS is run, and because of this there are many people with serious conditions who don't benefit from free medication. I am sure it has also alot to do with the drug companies because one hand greases the other.

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medical exemption certificates UK

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