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 How long should headache be "relieved" from a spinal tap?

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PostSubject: How long should headache be "relieved" from a spinal tap?   Mon May 16, 2011 2:48 am

How long should headache be "relieved" from a spinal tap?

I am new here and wanted to see what everyone had to say about my question. I had the lp done last Wednesday by my nuerosurgeon, and now he wants to see me this Wednesday to see how my headache is doing before he decides if/when he will preform my shunt surgery. The truth is my headache is already worse than it was the day he did the tap, which was at a 19 for some crazy reason since i'm usually in the 30s. I want to be able to give him the answer he needs to do the shunt.

I think my random lower pressure was due to just having had a baby and my hormones being all crazy. I honestly don't know what I will do if he doesn't do the surgery. I already have days that I'm in too much pain or too dizzy to hold my son. I'm horribly allergic to all medicine to treat IIH. And to top it all off I went to the eye dr to discuss doing eye surgery, but when he did a visual field test he said I was way too far gone for the eye stint. I only have 10% of my visual field in my right eye and 8% in my left.

I don't know what to do if this dr won't help me. I don't want to not be able to take care of my son anymore!
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PostSubject: Re: How long should headache be "relieved" from a spinal tap?   Mon May 16, 2011 7:21 pm

It could be that your Neurologist will make his decision depending on how your symptoms have been since the Lp. If the Lp has failed to control your pressure and medication cann't be used, he may decide a shunt is the best option for you.

Pregnancy can elevate your pressure, and in some cases such as my own, it can trigger IIH. Your Neurologist will have taken that into account, and his main treatment plan will be to alleviate your symptoms, lower your pressure and most of all maintain your vision. As you are allergic to the IIH medication he has to look at the other options which may be surgery. We have a Guide sheet that helps you to talk to your Doctor and Neurosurgeon and includes the kind of questions you can ask him. Here are the links;
Talking to your Doctor about IIH

Talking to your Neurosurgeon about IIH surgery

I'm sure your Doctor will help you, and if he cann't, will recommend or refer you to someone who can. As you are having headaches and your vision is compromised he cann't leave you untreated. Once he has you on the right track treatment wise, you will be able to function a lot better and be able to care for your son. I too had IIH with a young baby, and once I was on the right treatment plan was able to care for her and do things with her.
Keep strong and most of all determined. Ask your Doctor/ Neurosurgeon as many questions as you need to before you make any decisions yourself. The more information you have the better, and if you can take either your partner, relative or a good friend with you for support, and who can also ask questions that maybe you didn't think of.
We're here to support and help you, and encourage you to have a better life with IIH. hug
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How long should headache be "relieved" from a spinal tap?

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