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 Update & q's

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PostSubject: Update & q's   Fri Mar 21, 2014 10:55 am

Sorry I haven't been on lately.  So my MRI showed a bulging disc but nothing they wanted to act on.  I went to physcio for a few weeks and it has settled alot and my neck is so much better.  A few weeks thou I started to get double vision but the last two weeks its happening more often and then I get tingles in the left side of my face, neck and arm.  Rang neuro last week and went for an eye test yesterday. Optic nerves are swollen but no changes in my fields test so eye sight is still good.  I'm meeting the neuro on the 1st of April and will get an LP then. Headaches have started back this week but not as bad as before when my pressure was high.  I was 8 weeks headache free. In general I do feel alot better than I have.  Double vision is annoying when it happens but I'm not in any pain. the last few weeks and its a nice feeling.   

Does the double vision mean its more a serious issue than just having blurred spots.  I never had this symptom before only blurred spots when the optic nerves where swollen.
Is the tingling from high pressure hitting a nerve?
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PostSubject: Re: Update & q's   Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:27 pm

No need to apologise for not being on, we're here as you know for you whenever you need us. The blurred vision could be due to the swelling so keep a record of it, and your symptoms ready for when you go back. As there are no changes to your field vision, and your Neurologist hasn't scheduled an urgent LP, it is a good sign that the swelling isn't at a threatening level. The swelling could just be enough to cause the double vision rather than just blurred spots. It's the blind spots enlarging that are an indicator of threat to vision, and you haven't got that. I'm sure once the LP is done the double vision will settle down.

The tingling could be due to a  trapped nerve especially as you have a bulging disc, but it is possible it could also be from the pressure. Ask your Neurologist about it so he can rule in or out which one it is.
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Update & q's

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